Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to sport climbing progression with Alannah Yip

  • 02

    Projecting Strategies

    • Pre-climb strategies

    • On the wall strategies

    • Test your knowledge

  • 03

    Lead Strategies

  • 04

    Mental Strategies

  • 05

    Training and Recovery

    • Training and Recovery

  • 06

    Wrap up

    • Quick Reference

    • Test your knowledge

    • Survey

    • Join the online learning group


Instructor Bio:

Alannah won her first National Climbing Championship at the tender age of 12. Today she’s Canada’s top “Overall” climber and part of the historic first wave of Olympic hopefuls who are evolving the sport of competition climbing. Alannah grew up in Vancouver and spent her childhood in the mountains. Her local gym was home to Canada’s top competitors and coaches, and as a young climber, Alannah drew inspiration from the warm camaraderie and support.

Alannah Yip

Arc'teryx Athlete

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