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    Welcome to Crack Climbing with Will Stanhope

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    Jamming Techniques

    • Technique and Jamming

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    Lead Strategies

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    Learnings From a Professional Climber

    • Learnings

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    Wrap Up

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Instructor Bio:

Will might have started his career as a youngster, but he's always had an old soul. Thoughtful and inquisitive, Will is a climbing history buff whose admiration for the chronicles of routes and their founders is made clear in his own authentic process. The virtuoso crack climber is known for freeing the hardest route in the Bugaboos, the Tom Egan Memorial Route, although, freeing the three west faces of the Howser Towers in just a day might be one of his finest firsts. When Will isn’t stunting in movies or sending aesthetically pleasing and ridiculously hard cracks, he can be found guiding as an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides certified rock guide or serenading stray dogs with Bob Dylan songs

Will Stanhope

Arc'teryx Athlete - Rock Climbing

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